LD 30 - FIRE ZE MISSILES - by Stevie, Lily, and Brenden

            --Works best in Chrome--

            At long last, after a lifetime of searching, you have discovered the asteroid of your dreams, with rich resources and the promise of wealth. 
            However, in an alternate universe, you have discovered that your EVIL TWIN has settled on an identical asteroid and is on a mission to destroy you. 
            You must gather your resources and destroy your EVIL TWIN first. 
            You are left with no choice.
            * Build 14 different unique buildings, and 13 of them work!
            * Make potato salad and launch it at your enemies and friends
            * Rain destruction down from above
            * Every missile has a chance of destroying you (or your evil twin!) NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER

            Please, email bushmango{at}gmail.com if it isn't working, as the server, was, well, make in 72 hours.

            Thanks for playing!


            Made by Steve / Lily / Brenden

            ** Instructions **

            You lose if your headquarters (HQ) is destroyed. You win if your EVIL TWIN's HQ is destroyed.

            Build buildings. It's always good to have a few Gold Mines to increase your income.

            Build missiles.

            Regular missiles: Metal Mine + Explosive Mine + Factory => Launcher

            Potato Salad missiles: Metal Mine + Potato Farm => Launcher

            PUSH THE LAUNCH BUTTON! You may have to click a few times because it's protected by EMERGENCY GLASS (TM)

            Don't forget research!

            * Improved gold mines => more $$$ per second!
            * Improved warheads => super-explosive regular missiles
            * Improved metal mines is kinda boring and does what you think it would

            Want to survive longer? Build a second HQ! 

            Lovely Music by Satori :D http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Satori/Kaikou_EP/03_Roam 
Roam (Satori) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0